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Look no further for the Soundtrack To Your Life: with his cinematic depth and mood-altering melodies, Norwegian pop/electronica artist Ruben has you covered. Ruben serves up songs for any given day and spectrum of emotion you may be feeling. In addition to capturing the rhythm of life through sound, Ruben has managed to create a safe space for listeners to explore their inner struggles and triumphs.


As a musician who has battled through mental health issues, Ruben holds a unique position to serve as the face of young people across the world who are dealing with such obstacles. Through his lyrics, he brings this difficult conversation into the spotlight, while garnering a sense of community and togetherness through shared experiences with his fans. This rare connection shines through in his 2 million+ streams on Spotify alone, and music publications such as and are starting to take notice; the latter crowning him as “One to Watch in 2017.”


Ruben is currently in the studio creating his upcoming EP, which is set to release early 2018. In the meantime, you can check out his music across all popular music platforms and follow his journey on Instagram @TheArtistRuben

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